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Political Science at St. Thomas: acquire an understanding of the political process and develop valuable communication and problem solving skills.

What are recent graduates doing now?

Tyler Petersen ’12, Federal Reserve Bank, Washington, D.C.

Elise Johnson ’12, English teacher for World Teach, Bogota, Colombia

Maggie Meyer, '12, Administration and communications specialist, Books for Africa, St. Paul, Minn.

Thomas Kreitzer, '11, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C.

Katherine Sunnarborg, 11, Event marketing representative, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, St. Paul, Minn.

Karen Hansen, '10, Program assistant, Syrian Expatriates Organization, Washington, D.C.

Daniel Hillenbrand, '10, Research coordinator, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C.

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom:

Internships. Recent internships have included the Minnesota Zoo’s Legislative Affairs Office, the Minnesota International Center, a large number of congressional offices including both Senators and several members of the House, the City of St. Paul’s Office of the Mayor, and several law offices.  Not only do students receive academic credit for these internships but they also develop a valuable set of networks and contacts.

Study abroad.  Our students travel all over the world to learn about how things are done in places beyond their own backyards. Recent study abroad experiences include New Zealand, Europe and Latin and South America. In all cases, students return home with an invaluable set of cultural and classroom experiences that enrich and broaden their understanding of political and governmental systems and processes.

Research projects. Students have the opportunity to conduct research with both faculty and other students and several UST-sponsored programs are available. Students also are encouraged to present their work at professional and academic venues, including the annual meetings of the Minnesota Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science Association. Recent presentations include Every Farm is Different:  Agricultural Practices and Water Quality in Minnesota, presented by Morgan Schuers at the Midwest Political Science Undergraduate Research Conference and Alexa Bulau’s A Tale of Two Districts: Women's Local Involvement in Minnesota's 4th & 6th Congressional Districts, presented at the ACTC Women’s Studies Student Conference.

Faculty research, presentations, publications, etc.

In addition to being outstanding teachers, political science faculty are engaged in a broad array of research and service activities. For example, Drs. High-Pippert and Hoffman recently edited the sixth edition of Minnesota Government and Politics; Dr. Hatting also contributed a chapter to the book.

Drs. Hoffman and High-Pippert are continuing their research on community energy initiatives, a project which has involved a number of students in various parts of the work, and colleagues from several universities in several universities in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Mazumdar is completing a book on the politics of South Asia.

Dr. Buhr recently published an article on extremist parties in Western Europe. She and Dr. Hoffman are continuing their research on national identity in the post-Soviet states of East Central Europe, their most recent work being a monograph jointly authored with colleagues from Lithuania and Belarus.

Dr. Hoffman was recently awarded a University Scholar Grant to work on the development of a form of Canadian-based crude oil known as "tar sands."

What jobs are possible with a Political Science major?

  • International administrator
  • Election officer
  • Political geographer
  • Intelligence specialist
  • Assistant city manager
  • Civil preparedness officer
  • Intergovernmental relations officer
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Job developer
  • Program manager
  • Quality control specialist
  • Research analyst
  • Public affairs officer
  • Fundraising specialist
  • Teacher
  • Admissions officer
  • Research assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Public-opinion pollster
  • Survey research consultant
  • Senatorial staff member
  • Media elections analyst
  • Campaign consultant
  • Lobbyist
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