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Liturgical music at St. Thomas: for students pursuing a career in music ministry within a liberal arts setting.

What are recent graduates doing now?

Recent graduates are serving as music ministers throughout the United States.  Graduates have gone on to pursue upper-level degrees and now teach at colleges and universities such as Gonzaga and Marquette.  A 2010 graduate serves as Coordinator of Liturgical Celebrations at the University of St. Thomas, and Mr. Aaron Brown, class of 2005, now serves as Director of Liturgy and Chapel music at the University of St. Thomas.

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom:

Internships. Our liturgical music majors spend significant time as interns as well as in other field assignment churches across the Twin Cities. Some recent examples are:

Megan Pleviak '11 St. Peters, North Saint Paul
Kellen O'Grady '11 Guardian Angels, Oakdale
David Feilly '11 St. Therese, Deephaven
Mark Thomas '11 St. Therese, Deephaven

Study abroad. Liturgical music students often travel abroad for a semester or two, studying in major conservatories and smaller institutions. Additionally, each of our major ensembles travels internationally giving performance tours, which allows them to immerse in the native culture and serve the community through music performance.

Faculty at work

Our faculty consists of international conductors and performers appearing as guest artists in countries across Europe, the United Kingdom, South America, China, Japan and Australia.  Our faculty members also have delivered papers nationally and internationally, sometimes appearing as headline speakers at major scholarly conferences. Our liturgical music faculty members have worked in parishes in and outside of the Twin Cities. We have significant figures in the church music world on our campus, including Michael Joncas and David Haas.

What jobs are possible with a Liturgical Music major?

  • Program director
  • Stage manager
  • Booking agent
  • Agent
  • Artistic representative
  • Business/ personal manager
  • Talent agent
  • Theatrical agent
  • Music critic
  • Music publisher
  • Music editor
  • Music union director
  • Instrument repairer/restorer
  • Lawyer
  • Music shop owner/manager
  • Piano tuner
  • Instrument designer
  • Advertising account executive
  • Author
  • Music distributor
  • Consultant
  • Museum curator
  • Instrument sales representative
  • Music journalist
  • Concert promoter
  • Youth director
  • Announcer
  • Choir director
  • Church musician
  • Concert master
  • Conductor
  • Band member
  • Fold musician
  • Jingle singer
  • Jingle composer


  • Film composer
  • Composer
  • Music arranger
  • Music supervisor
  • Opera singer
  • Song writer
  • Organist
  • Orchestra performer
  • Back-up musician/vocalist
  • Section leader/member
  • College professor
  • Teacher
  • Private lesson teacher
  • Musical coach
  • Studio teacher
  • Music librarian
  • Music therapist
  • Stage manager
  • Concert soloist
  • Parish liturgist
  • Musical theatre
  • Video jockey
  • Audio technician
  • Boom operator
  • General director
  • Music video producer
  • Recording engineer
  • Recording mixer
  • Sound technician
  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Lyricist
  • Music publisher
  • Music editor
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