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When asked what one word best describes the Latin major at St. Thomas, a faculty member responded, “enriching.”

What are recent graduates doing now?

One very recent major has gone to graduate school in music; she loved Latin and found that it enhanced her studies in music, particularly medieval music. Another recent graduate is working at a law firm and leaving soon to teach English abroad; still another was inspired by a research project he completed on farming in ancient Italy and is pursuing an advanced degree in economics to study contemporary land use with an eye toward helping developing countries. 

What opportunities are there to bolster my resume while I'm in the program?

Study abroad. While we do not have an official study abroad program, there are many opportunities to study classics abroad and particularly to study in Rome and Greece. Some former students have even studied Latin or Greek in Scotland and England. 

Study abroad always enhances an individual’s life experience and learning. Contact with different cultures broadens perspectives and often leads to developing a greater ability to accept those who see things differently. Through a familiarity with a different culture, people are often able to develop new perspectives about others as well as themselves.

Faculty at work

While our faculty members principally teach, they also write. They have been involved with student-faculty research partnerships at other institutions before coming to UST, so such collaborations will most likely appear here soon.

What jobs are possible with a Latin major?

  • Foreign service representative
  • U.S. information agency program specialist
  • Voice of America - announcer/commentator
  • Foreign exchange clerk
  • Immigration inspector
  • Intelligence officer
  • National security agency representative
  • United Nations agency rep./guide
  • Commercial attaché
  • Export/import representative
  • Foreign credit manager
  • Foreign purchasing agent
  • Overseas hotel manager
  • Travel bureau - tour guide
  • Management trainee/international business
  • Travel agent
  • Sales/marketing representative
  • Marketing analyst
  • Personnel/human resource specialist
  • Assistant production manager
  • Book dealer
  • Insurance sales representative
  • Bank teller/management trainee
  • Administrative assistant
  • Computer programmer
  • Trade analyst
  • Buyer
  • Language teacher/secondary level
  • College/university teaching/research
  • Teacher for English Language Learners
  • Librarian


  • Researcher/documents & records
  • Research/technical adviser (films)
  • Cataloger
  • Museum curator
  • Publisher/editor - international books, papers, magazines
  • Technical writer
  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Advertising/publicity assistant
  • Journalist/columnist
  • Consumer liaison/public relations
  • Public opinion analyst
  • Radio announcer
  • Audiovisual specialist
  • Museum tour/guide
  • Banking
  • Public health worker
  • Social worker
  • International flight attendant
  • Management trainee - nonprofit organizations (i.e., United Way, Red Cross)
  • Administrator of a philanthropic foundation
  • Clergy
  • Criminal investigator
  • Peace Corps/VISTA volunteer
  • Hospital administrator
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