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When asked what one word best describes the Mechanical Engineering major at St. Thomas, a faculty member replied, “Engineers need to really understand what they do. I can't fit a description into just one word. ”

What are recent graduates doing now?

David Hallman ’04, is a mechanical engineer for MTS Systems Corp. in Eden Prairie, Minn. His job involves designing full vehicle and component test systems.

Holly Wilcox ’03, is a project manager for Rolls Royce. Her North American team is based in Indianapolis.

What opportunities are there to bolster my resume while I'm in the program?

Internships. UST engineering students will find a wealth of internship opportunities in the Twin Cities area. Businesses who have hired our students are St. Jude Medical, 3M and many more.

Study abroad. The UST School of Engineering offers undergraduate students the opportunity to study mechanical and electrical engineering abroad.

Every other year, Roman Structure and Art travels to Rome during J-Term.  Most recently, 20 students went to Italy in January, 2007. Senior Design offers students opportunities for international service learning. Over the past several years, student groups have contributed in Mali, Africa and St. Vincent in the Caribbean.

St. Thomas School of Engineering has identified two programs that work well for its students: the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England and St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain. Other sites are possible, but these two are recommended.

Faculty at work

Our faculty members are actively involved with numerous professional organizations, work or have worked in the engineering industry and write articles for nationally and internationally published journals.

What jobs are possible with a Mechanical Engineering major?

  • Design engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Engineering researcher
  • Process engineer
  • Engineering management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Sales engineer
  • Mechanical


  • Electrical
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bioengineering
  • Aerospace
  • Civil
  • Other engineering fields
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Business
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