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Economics: learn to think critically about the world's economic issues.

What are recent graduates doing now?

Quite a few of the economics majors end up working with large corporations in their capacity as market analysts. Whether they end up with Target, Cargill, General Mills, Wells Fargo or some other major company, the common element in their choice would be the opportunity to advance within these corporations. Large companies offer the training and “rotation” programs that allow new employees the opportunity to learn about different facets of the company and to prepare them for a rewarding career.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Students majoring in economics have many choices when it comes to studying abroad. Whether it is a UST or UMAIE sponsored course or a semester-long study abroad, every university outside the U.S. offers a program in economics. Our students have a very easy time finding courses which will transfer into UST and meet the requirements of the Economics major. In addition, the department of economics encourages students who study abroad to consider signing up for economics courses which would not be normally offered at UST. For example, we do not offer a course on the economic history of Central America—but it would make a lot of sense to take advantage of the opportunity to take such a course if one were to spend a semester in Guatemala.

Our students choose a wide range of countries as their destination. Some of it has to do with what other interests these students have. For example, a student with an interest in the German language would study abroad in Germany. Another item that determines the country of destination would be the career objectives of the student. If a student is interested in a career that takes him or her to the Far East, studying in China or Japan would make a lot of sense.

Faculty Involvement

There are many opportunities for students to work with faculty on projects. Some of these opportunities are through university-wide programs such as the Collaborative Inquiry program or the Young Scholars program. Other opportunities are specific to the department. Students may choose to complete an honors thesis or complete an independent study project, both of which are under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Students have worked on topics such as the impact of professional hockey teams on the local economy, the relation between growth and income distribution, the behavior of politicians who seek re-election and other projects. Exceptionally successful projects have been submitted for conference presentation or publication.

Internship Opportunities

Many of the internships that are available to finance majors as well as general business majors are also open to economics majors. Employers and organizations often seek interns who possess the analytical and quantitative skills that are essential in today’s business environment; these are the same skills that the economics major unquestionably provides. Banks, financial institutions, research companies, consulting outfits and major corporations all seek students who can prove to be quick learners, have developed sharp quantitative and communication skills and, above all, understand the broader economy.

What jobs are possible with an Economics major?

  • Technical writer
  • Educational television producer
  • Trade magazine writer
  • Journalist/columnist
  • Press secretary
  • Banking/Financial
  • Commodities/stock broker
  • Bank management trainee
  • Financial analyst
  • Economic forecaster
  • Wage and salary administrator
  • Trust administrator
  • Credit accounting coordinator
  • Loan counselor
  • Internal auditor
  • Securities analyst
  • Mortgage specialist
  • Pension funds administrator
  • Bank examiner
  • Underwriting trainee
  • Claims adjustor
  • Benefits analyst
  • Sales representative
  • International insurance broker
  • Teacher/secondary or college
  • Higher education administration/researcher
  • Fund-raiser
  • Foundation administrator
  • Government
  • Claims examiner/social security administration
  • Foreign trade analyst
  • Revenue officer
  • Tax auditor
  • Housing development aide
  • Budget officer assistant
  • Legislator's assistant
  • Lobbyist
  • Regional/urban planner
  • Foreign service officer
  • Paralegal
  • Congressional aide
  • Management trainee
  • Sales representative
  • Travel consultant
  • Personnel worker
  • Marketing analyst
  • Purchasing agent
  • Public relations/media planner
  • Manpower planner
  • Real estate agent
  • Public opinion pollster
  • Systems evaluator
  • Program consultant
  • Retail manager
  • Labor trend forecaster
  • Stock broker
  • Rate analyst
  • Portfolio administrator
  • Contract administrator
  • Research assistant
  • Documentation specialist
  • Service representative
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