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Financial Management at St. Thomas: precision and professionalism.

What are recent graduates doing now?

Paul, a 2010 finance and accounting graduate is now a financial analyst at Thomson Reuters. While at St. Thomas he interned as a financial analyst with Best Buy, and studied in London in the London Business Semester. As a member of the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, he was the Junior Achievement Chair, responsible for student recruitment. In 2010, he was named the Outstanding JA Coordinator of the upper Midwest, competing with business professionals who were responsible for coordinating their companies’ JA activities as a part of their position description!

Keith, who graduated in December 2011 in accounting and finance, received three job offers before graduating. He is working with Lazard Middle Market as an investment banking analyst working on mergers and acquisitions of companies ranging from 50 million to 500 million dollars. While he was a student he held two financial accounting internships with Cargill, one in their Health and Nutrition business, and the other in Trade and Structured Finance. He was president of the Financial Management Club and also a four-year member of the Accounting Club.

Ajay is an international student from India who majored in finance and engineering. He is currently working as a project manager for Creative Services. While at St. Thomas, he was the web tech for one of the administrative units, and he completed internships at Ameriprise Financial and Brite Air.

Learning opportunities outside of the classroom:

Internships. There are a multitude of internships available, and we have the capacity to give an internship to everyone who wants one. This is due in part to our program’s reputation and the rich internship environment of the Twin Cities area. While some are paid internships, the experience to be gained justifies unpaid opportunities. Additionally, more and more companies are using internships as an extended job interview; many students get their first job offer from the firm with which they had their internship.

Study abroad. The majority of the finance students who study abroad go through the London Business Program because it is explicitly designed to not delay graduation for business majors. We also have had two real estate programs overseas in Rome and the Caribbean. These programs give students the opportunity to witness the application of finance in a context different from that in the United States.

Faculty at work

Dr. Jithendranathan and a student from Russia researched the differential of wheat prices across different regions of that country. Most of our faculty are active consultants to businesses, and most donate their time and expertise to major nonprofit organizations in order to advance the common good.

What jobs are possible with a Financial Management major?

  • Bank manager
  • Operations manager
  • Personal/commercial lending officer
  • Credit analyst
  • Correspondent banking officer
  • Trust account administrator
  • Trust investment office
  • Bank president/VP
  • Treasurer
  • Financial service officer
  • Loan officer
  • Account executive
  • Financial planner
  • Sales broker
  • Mergers and acquisitions specialist
  • Market trader/specialist
  • Chief financial officer
  • Budget analyst


  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Real estate agent
  • Real estate broker
  • Property manager
  • Association manager
  • Loan officer
  • Loan counselor
  • FBI agent
  • CIA agent
  • University professor
  • Teacher
  • IRS agent
  • Law school
  • Graduate school
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