Certificate in Advanced Study

An individually designed course of study for software professionals who have a master's degree in software development or engineering, computer science or equivalent...

Certificate in Business Analysis

Designed for professionals seeking to advance their career or planning a career change as business analysts, systems analysts, project analysts, project managers, software engineers, or quality assurance analysts... Students with a Bachelor's degree may use these courses as a base for completing the MSS or MS degree.

Certificate in Business Communication

Students interested in expanding understanding of business communication may choose this specialized course of study in one of four tracks: marketing communication; public relations; management communication; or survey of professional communication. Certificate students complete six graduate courses (18 credits), including a minimum of three courses from one of the areas of concentration.

Certificate in Computer Security

A course of study tailored for software developers, system administrators, IT and R&D managers, business professionals with sufficient background, and legal professionals who desire to gain a broad set of technologies unique to the problem of securing computing platforms... Students with a Bachelor's degree may use these courses as a base for completing the MSS or MS degree.

Certificate in E-Learning

As our world continues to advance technologically, so must the training and teaching methods that are used throughout all sectors of our economy. Online enrollment in higher education and K-12 has grown exponentially. Industry spending in E-learning or blended learning has also doubled in recent years. This escalation presents a growing need for individuals with online teaching and online curriculum development skills. E-learning instructors, designers, or developers need to know how to design and implement online learning in effective and beneficial ways that most positively impact learners.

Certificate in Engineering for Educators

The Center for Pre-Collegiate Engineering Education prepares future and current P-12 educators to teach engineering and increase their students' technical literacy in an increasing complex world.

Certificate in English as a Second Language

Over the past two decades, the Twin Cities have enjoyed a significant rise in Hmong, Hispanic, Somali and other immigrant populations. Since 1979, the number of children speaking a language other than English at home has grown by more than 150 percent. To meet this growing need, the University of St. Thomas is offering an opportunity for licensed teachers to earn their Master of Arts degree in the field of Teacher Education with an Endorsement in English as a Second Language.

Certificate in Gifted, Creative & Talented

In today’s increasingly complex classrooms, teachers are confronted daily with their students’ unique needs. To meet these challenges, teachers need to be prepared to manage, deliver and differentiate instruction for the cognitive, social, and psychological differences of students. Educators with a background in gifted, creative and talented education are leaders in their field. Graduates not only provide direct services to gifted children, they take leadership roles in state organizations for gifted educators and parents, and publish articles in professional journals about their own work and research.

Certificate in Information Systems

Designed for professionals with expertise in a functional area who wish to better understand software design and development... Students completing the CIS certificate program may continue in the MSS or MS degree program.

Certificate in International Leadership

Graduate students will gain new insights into globalization issues and corresponding leadership challenges while enhancing their leadership skills and cultural competencies. This is especially important at a time when employers are looking for culturally literate leaders.

Certificate in K-12 Learning Technology

For leaders and educators who wish to integrate technology in education, the University of St. Thomas offers advanced graduate certificate and degree programs where educators reflect on and experience the ever-changing world of teaching, learning and technology. Program participants explore ways to improve classroom learning through innovative technologies of instruction and curriculum development. Participants acquire skills and knowledge in the pedagogical applications of learning technology through the integration of recent research, project-based learning, assessment, Web 2.0 tools, social media, presentation tools, web development, digital media, collaborative technology, and life-long learning.

Certificate in Leadership in Student Affairs

The key to the vitality of higher educational institutions is dedicated, energetic, and highly qualified leaders in student affairs. Professionals in admissions, residence life, student activities, campus ministry, financial aid and academic advising work side-by-side with faculty and staff to create a dynamic learning environment for all students. Through collective efforts, the people of a campus make the unique mission and culture of their college, community college or university come alive.

Certificate in Manufacturing Leadership

The University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Engineering and Technology Management offers a Manufacturing Leadership Certificate designed to meet the needs of those wanting to improve manufacturing quality and methods by managing people and the supply chain more effectively. We recommend that students have a basic manufacturing knowledge.

Certificate in Manufacturing Systems

The University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Engineering and Technology Management offers a Manufacturing Systems Certificate designed to meet the needs of those who want a basic understanding of manufacturing systems and methods.

Certificate in Medical Device Development

The University of St. Thomas Graduate Programs in Engineering and Technology Management offers a Medical Device Certificate designed to meet the needs of this rapidly growing industry. A committee of medical industry professionals and UST faculty developed the curriculum to support the unique needs of people currently working in or just beginning a career in this industry. As with any rapidly growing industry, applied education that can be put to use immediately is extremely important. The Medical Device Certificate offers applied education in the common areas of medical device development and manufacture.

Certificate in Multicultural Education

This certificate program is designed to assist educators in learning to understand their students' cultural identities, recognize the environments from which their students come, relate to the parents and communities of all students and apply culturally appropriate practices in instructional strategies and curriculum development.

Certificate in Orton-Gillingham Reading

The Orton-Gillingham reading approach incorporates intensive phonics-based instruction with specific teaching methodology. It is an approach often recommended for school-age and adult learners who are nonreaders or who have reading or writing language skill disabilities. Educators who have mastered this approach are most likely to become master educators of other reading techniques.

Certificate in Public Policy & Leadership

The certificate in Public Policy and Leadership will provide you with the knowledge base and leadership skills required in today’s increasingly policy-driven environment.

Certificate in Reading Instruction

Today’s reading teachers need to understand effective, advanced strategies for improving the language and literacy skills of their students. More and more, states and the federal government are stepping in requiring teachers to complement and extend their professional expertise in reading instruction, resulting in better, more efficient instruction for their students. Teachers with the reading endorsement study leading-edge, scientifically-based reading research, theory and practice and can immediately apply what they learn in the classroom. Reading educators can also develop literacy strategies, comprehension processes and assessment, and remediation techniques.

Certificate in Software Design and Development

Designed for professionals interested in state-of-the-art knowledge in software development... Students completing the CSDD have the opportunity to use these courses as a base for completing the MS or MSS degree if desired.

Certificate in Special Education Autism Spectrum Disorders

Educators specializing in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) develop an understanding of the way that ASD effects an individual's thinking and perceiving, sensory processing, communication skills, social skills, motor skills, vocational skills, academic skills and organizational skills. These experts can provide a personalized educational plan for the student with ASD to help them communicate and relate with the outside world. ASD educators need an appreciation of the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field. They also need to understand how ASD, the second most common developmental disability, affects the lives of children and their family members.

Certificate in Supervising Paraprofessionals

Successfully managing paraprofessionals can be challenging and rewarding. With proven tools and skills offered through our new certificate program, teachers who direct paraprofessionals can create an efficient system focusing on: Functional roles and responsibilities Accurate planning and scheduling Designing high level instructional student support