School of Social Work


The Doctorate of Social Work is designed to fill a gap in social work doctoral education as the first program to focus on preparing social work faculty specifically for university-level teaching and leadership in higher education. Strong social work practitioners with an MSW degree will gain the skills and credentials to teach and lead in the social work profession and become stewards of the discipline.

Total Program Credits: 45
Elective Credits: 0
Categories: blended


Grounded in the principles of dignity and respect for all persons, we prepare clinical social workers for reflective practice, supervision, leadership and practice-focused research with a commitment to critical inquiry, cultural responsiveness and social justice.

The joint MSW program with St. Catherine University and University of St. Thomas focuses on clinical social work practice with individuals, families and small groups. Through the development of core competencies in practice, graduates are prepared to address problems including poverty, discrimination, mental illness, developmental disability and oppression. Demonstrated mastery of knowledge and practice skills prepare graduates for licensure at the clinical level.

Total Program Credits: 60
Elective Credits: 9
Categories: traditional

Joint Degree Programs

Our unique mission of integrating faith and reason in the search for truth through a focus on morality and social justice is the foundation on which we build a community that emphasizes professional excellence and servant leadership.

Total Program Credits: 0
Elective Credits: 0
Categories: traditional