College of Arts & Sciences



The Master of Arts in Art History provides intensive training in the history of art and its methodologies. It combines in-depth research and theoretical scholarship with many opportunities for practical training in museums, galleries and beyond. Our program emphasizes the contextual exploration of visual and material culture in a number of diverse art historical areas.

Total Program Credits: 36
Elective Credits: 18
Categories: traditional

The Master of Arts degree in Catholic Studies is an advanced course of study that provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of Catholicism and of the Catholic intellectual tradition. The program explores the truth, beauty, and vitality of Catholicism as it has permeated disciplines and cultures throughout time.

Total Program Credits: 33
Elective Credits: 12
Categories: traditional

The Master of Arts in English program offers small evening classes taught by faculty who are committed classroom teachers and active literary scholars. Varied course offerings prepare students for many possible paths. Focusing on both canonical and emergent literatures, and including a range of theoretical approaches the program provides a good foundation for doctoral studies and courses to develop the expertise of current and future teachers.

Total Program Credits: 30
Elective Credits: 15
Categories: traditional

The Master of Arts in Music Education is designed for professional music educators who wish to strengthen their classroom teaching effectiveness by combining theoretical and applied study in a graduate program. Designed by teachers for teachers, the M.A. Degree is a stimulating alternative to traditional graduate study.

Total Program Credits: 33
Elective Credits: 0
Categories: traditional

Joint Degree Programs

In the joint JD-MA program offered by the Department of Catholic Studies and the St. Thomas School of Law, students earn two graduate degrees (in Law and Catholic Studies, respectively; a total of 97 credits), in less time than it would take to earn the two degrees separately. Full-time students can expect to complete the joint program in three and one-half to four years of study. Students must apply for each program separately and meet all admissions requirements in both Law and Catholic Studies. Students typically enroll in the School of Law before applying for the Master of Arts degree in Catholic Studies.

Total Program Credits: 70
Elective Credits: 20
Categories: traditional

This interdisciplinary, collaborative program is tailored for working professionals. It is premised on a broadly liberal arts set of theoretical assumptions and a case-based approach to real-life leadership issues and practices. Concentrations include Music Education or Critical Pedagogy.

Total Program Credits: 66
Elective Credits: 24
Categories: traditional