Missing Students

Faculty who report students missing from class play an important role in the university's retention efforts. Alerting the Office of Academic Counseling to the situation provides an opportunity for additional outreach to students who could be struggling with any number of issues which are affecting their class attendance and academic performance.  
A “missing” student would be defined as one having missed one consecutive week of class periods with no notice to the instructor.  An "Academic Warning" icon appears next to each student's name on both the Summary Class List and the Detail Class List that faculty access through Murphy online.  Clicking on this icon brings you to a page where you can send an alert message to the selected student.

All messages to the student will instruct them to speak to you, their instructor, about the situation.  We believe that you are the first and most important point of contact for the student. A copy of your message will also automatically be sent to Academic Counseling. We will take the appropriate steps to contact and work with the student as the situation warrants.

Department Liaisons for Missing Students

Chirayu Dongre Computer and Information Sciences (CISC), Health & Human Performance, Justice & Peace Studies, Math
Elizabeth Dussol Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology
David Moore Geology, History, Social Work, Sociology
Kelly Petersen English, Theater
Tonia Jones Peterson Catholic Studies, Communication and Journalism, Environmental Studies, Geography
Drew Puroway Art History, Business, Education, Modern & Classical Languages, Music, Political Science
Colleen Stephens Theology