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Advising and Registration Resources

The Pre-Major Advisor Handbook has been developed to assist you in your role as an advisor. It contains general information regarding advising, as well as information specific to facutly serving as advisors of First-Year students.  It has been designed to serve both as a reference during advising sessions as well as a resource containing other pertinent information regarding your role as an advisor. Click below to view the most current version of the Handbook.

Major Field Guides

The following major field guides are intended to assist advisors of First-Year students with appropriate course selection for a particular major field of study. These guides offer a suggested order for sequencing courses within a particular major.  Please keep in mind that it is always a good practice to also refer students to the department chair or program director of a particular major for further assistance with proper course sequencing.

Note: If you believe you have discovered a possible error on any of the following guides, please contact Kelly Petersen in Academic Counseling (651.962.6300).

Additional Advising Tools

This worksheet helps you to outline your advising meetings with your First-Year student advisees and provides organized space to keep records of your meetings.

A degree evaluation serves as important tracking tool to identify which of a student's degree requirements are being met and which have yet to be completed. During fall and spring registration advising meetings, facutly are expected to review each advisees degree evaluation with him/her. This document gives an overview of how to generate and read this important document.

Questions to help facilitate your conversation with advisses during advisee meetings.

This worksheet lists core curriculum requirements (2012-2014 Catalog) and all the possible classes that fulfill each area, with boxes for students to check off as the requirement is completed.

This worksheet helps plan out each semester of classes a student needs until graduation.

This worksheet lists all the possible course times at St. Thomas and is useful in planning out a schedule.

If you are working with a student who is proficient in another language and culture they may be eligible for a waiver of the foreign language core requirement.  Please refer to this link for the process that should be started during the student's first semester at St. Thomas.  If you have questions please contact the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at 651-962-5150.

This handout is a good resource in helping both students and faculty understand what is needed in order to complete a class in which the student was assigned an incomplete for a final grade.

Do you have students missing from class? Use this link to find out more about the 'Academic Alert' program available through Murphy online.

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