Roles of Advisors and Advisees

The Role of the Advisor:

  • Help the advisee understand the academic and administrative processes of the university.
  • Help the advisee understand the expected standards of achievement.
  • Clarify career and life goals and discuss how educational opportunities at St. Thomas can prepare the student for those goals.
  • Help the advisee develop an educational plan and select appropriate courses and educational experiences.
  • Refer advisees to resources as necessary.
  • Participate in advisor training sessions.

The Role of the Advisee:

  • Acquire information to assume ultimate responsibility for the course of study.
  • Seek academic and career information to meet educational goals.
  • Become aware of the relevant policies and procedures of the university.
  • Be prepared to meet with advisor.
  • Consult with advisor at least once a semester to discuss courses, review the degree audit, and check progress towards graduation.