Tips for Working With Your Advisor

Your advisor can be a helpful resource to you at St. Thomas. Faculty advisors are able to help interpret the academic requirements at the university and help you choose appropriate classes each semester. Your relationship with your advisor can be supportive and helpful if you keep a few guidelines in mind.

  • Take note of when your Faculty Advisor has office hours and try to schedule appointments during that time.
  • During the first week of school and around the drop/add deadlines Faculty Advisors are especially busy.
  • During these times try to call ahead or schedule an appointment in advance.
  • When you make an appointment, make sure you keep it! Let your advisor know if you are unable to attend and need to reschedule.
  • Your Faculty Advisor can be a great resource for assistance at St. Thomas, but remember they aren't the only resources! Academic Counseling staff, Professors, and Campus Living staff are also great resources to utilize.