Wellness Rebate Program

All medical-benefit eligible faculty and staff will automatically receive a rebate of $30 for each month they used the facilities 12 days or more when registering for a membership. If used on a regular basis and 12 days per month, the rebate will completely cover the cost of the membership. The rebate will be credited at the end of the term on the second pay period following the term.

This is the only rebate program available to St. Thomas faculty and staff through the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex. To determine if you are eligible for medical benefits, please contact Human Resources at 651-962-6510.

The rebate will only be given for the months that the requirements were met.

Rebates and rebate visits are not prorated. A minimum of 12 visits is required to receive a rebate, regardless of the length of the month or when a membership begins (unless otherwise specified).

Need a locker?

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