The dodgeball tournament will begin @ 1:15pm.  All teams should arrive a little after 1:00pm at McCarthy Gym on South Campus.  The schedule is posted below, but the tournament may not follow the tournament schedule and the supervisor may just rotate teams through.

Game HomeAway 
1 Swag Team Wearing Dumb Costumes
2 Flaming Balls The Naked Lady
3 Chad Bricksquad Monopoly
4 Chad Flaming Balls
5 Swag The Naked Lady
6 Teaming Wearing Dumb Cosutmes Bricksquad Monopoly
7 Chad Swag
8 Teaming Wearing Dumb Costumes The Naked Lady
9 Flaming Balls Bricksquad Monopoly
10 Bricksquad Monoply The Naked Lady
11 Team Wearing Dumb Costumes Chad
12 Flaming Balls Swag
13 Chad The Naked Lady
14 Team Wearing Dumb Costumes Flaming Balls
15 Swag Bricksquad Monopoly