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The Seminary The Heart of the Church

Established in 1894 under Archbishop John Ireland, The Saint Paul Seminary provides comprehensive formation and education, transforming men who humbly answer God's call into holy priests after the Lord's own heart.  Since its beginning, more than 3,000 men have been ordained from the seminary.

The need more good, holy priests and effective lay leaders
Just as in Archbishop John Ireland's time, today's Catholics express an urgent need for more good and holy priests.  Without our priests, we would not have the Eucharist.  And in today's challenging culture, the Church and the world need gifted, holy men to provide guidance and hope.  Fortunately, as God calls, men and lay leaders are responding.
While they differ in essence, ordained priests and the lay faithful are intimately related.  "Their activity within the church communities is so necessary that without it the apostolate of the pastors will frequently be unable to obtain its full effect."  (Decree on the Apostolate of the Lay People).  For this reason the Church needs effective faith-filled lay leaders who are equipped to work in cooperation with priests.  

The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity by the numbers:

  • More than 100 seminarians are currently studying for
    the priesthood. 

  • More than 70 lay leaders are studying graduate level theology.

  • More than 500 students have graduated from The Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute.

An invitation to participate
The Catholic faithful are instrumental in ensuring that men and lay leaders are able to answer God's call.  As more men say "yes" to priesthood, prayers and financial support must increase.  Furthermore, approximately 75% of the lay leaders preparing for ministry at the seminary receive financial assistance.  Please consider supporting our mission by contributing to The Rector's Sustaining Fund, a Scholarship Fund, or by making a Legacy Gift.


The annual cost to educate and house a seminarian is $50,000, half of which comes from tuition, room and board paid by the diocese.  The seminary must raise the remaining $25,000 per seminarian through charitable gifts.


The answer a strong, thriving seminary
As men respond to God's call, they deserve the best formation possible.  The Saint Paul Seminary is the answer to that need for men from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and beyond.  We are one of the largest major seminaries in the country.  With your support, The Saint Paul Seminary will continue to be a strong, thriving seminary that cultivates more good, holy priests after the Lord's own heart while equipping faithful, effective lay leaders for ministry within the Church. 

The year-round formation program is provided by priest and lay faculty, many with national reputations in their areas of expertise.