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Logos Volume 15:4

Logos Volume 15:4

Michael C. Jordan
Associate Editors
John F. Boyle
David Paul Deavel
Managing Editor
Elizabeth M. Kelly
Circulation Manager
Mary Kay O'Rourke



Daniel McInerny, Poetic Knowledge and Cultural Renewal

Reinhard Hütter, The University's Cutting Edge—Source of Its Flatness, Or: Reclaiming the University's Third Dimension

Donald L. Wallenfang, Awaken, O Spirit: The Vocation of Becoming in the Work of Edith Stein

Christopher A. Link, Bad Priests and the Valor of Pity: Shusaku Endo and Graham Greene on the Paradoxes of Christian Virtue

Christopher M. Graney, The Work of the Best and Greatest Artist: A Forgotten Story of Religion, Science, and Stars in the Copernican Revolution

Carlos A. Casanova, The Influence of Christianity on the Spanish Conquest of America and the Organization of the Spanish-American Empire

Paul G. Monson, "Sub signis visibilibus": Visual Tehology in Trent's Decress on the Eucharist

Jeffery Morrow, "Work as Worship in the Garden and the Workshop: Genesis 1–3, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, and Liturgical Hermeneutics

Darci N. Hill, "Rhym[ing] thee to good": Didacticism and Delight in Herbert's "The Church Porch"

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