Faculty & Research

P. Jane Saly

Associate Professor : Accounting Department

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Jane Saly has been a faculty member at the University of St. Thomas since 1999 and is currently chair of the Accounting Department. Prior to 1999, she taught at the University of Minnesota for eight years. She completed her Ph.D. in accounting at University of British Columbia and has an M.B.A. from the University of Alberta as well as a B.Sc. from Queen’s University. She has taught managerial and cost accounting for 22 years and has led seminars in Poland and Croatia. She draws upon her accounting and corporate experience as comptroller and marketing director for QCTV Cablevision in Edmonton, Alberta.

Saly’s research has focused on executive compensation with an emphasis on stock options. She has published academic articles in the Journal of Accounting & Economics, the Journal of Finance, Accounting Horizons, the CPA Journal and Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, as well as three cases in the IMA case journal. One article, “The Timing of Option Repricing,” was nominated for the Brattle Prize in Corporate Finance.

She has been vice president of the American Accounting Association, during which time she co-led the design, development and launch of a new web platform for the organization. She also served as president, vice president and program chair of the Midwest Region of the American Accounting Association. She was treasurer for Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota for six years and has participated in a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant in which students worked on development projects in Mali, West Africa.


Academic Background

B.Sc., mathematics, Queen’s University
M.B.A., University of Alberta
Ph.D., accounting, University of British Columbia

Research Specialties

  • Executive compensation
  • Managerial accounting

Current Research

  • Executive stock options

Major Works

  • Saly, P. Jane, S. Callaghan and C. Subramanium, "The Timing of Option Repricing," The Journal of Finance 59:4 (August, 2004): 1651-1676.
  • Saly, P. Jane, R. Jagannathan and S. Huddart, "Valuing the Reload Feature of Executive Stock Options," Accounting Horizons 13:3 (September, 1999): 219-240.
  • "Repricing Executive Stock Options in a Down Market," Journal of Accounting and Economics 18:3 (November, 1994): 325-356.

Significant Scholarly Honors

  • "The Timing of Option Repricing" was nominated for the 2004 Brattle prize in Corporate Finance