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Richard Rexeisen

Professor : Marketing Department

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Rich Rexeisen has held various administrative and faculty leadership positions since joining the college in 1990 and teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs, including the Executive UST MBA program and non-degree courses in the Center for Business Excellence.  Rexeisen actively publishes and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice (JMTP) and Industrial Marketing Management (IMM). His current research interests focus on how study abroad impacts the development of cross-cultural sensitivity, attitudes towards the environment and moral reasoning. He also conducts research and publishes in the area of student outcomes assessment.

Rexeisen has travelled extensively and has served on multiple occasions as the faculty director for the London Business Semester program. He also taught in the Semester at Sea program. Before joining the St. Thomas faculty, Rexeisen owned and operated his own successful business and continues to consult with the business community in the areas of strategic market planning, sales and B2B marketing.

Rexeisen received his B.A. in psychology and philosophy from the University of Minnesota, his M.B.A. from the University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in marketing from the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota.


Academic Background

B.A., psychology and philosophy, University of Minnesota
M.B.A., marketing, University of Michigan
Ph.D., marketing, University of Minnesota

Research Specialties

  • International Education and Cross-Cultural Development 
  •  Assurance of Learning and Outcomes Assessment
  • B2C and B2B Buying Behavior 

Current Research

  • The development of Cross-Cultural Sensitivity, Eco-Values and Ethical Values 
  •  Assurance of Learning

Major Works

  • Garrison, Michael and Richard J. Rexeisen, "Faculty Ownership of the Assurance of Learning Process: Determinants of Faculty Engagement and Continuing Challenges," Journal of Education for Business, Forthcoming.
  • "Study Abroad and the Boomerang Effect: The End is only the Beginning," Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad 22 (Spring 2013).
  • Rexeisen, Richard J. and Michael Garrison, "Closing-the-Loop in Assurance of Learning Programs: Current Practices and Future Challenges," Journal of Education for Business 88:5 (2013): 280-285.
  • Rexeisen, R. and J. Al-Khatib, "Assurance of Learning and Study Abroad: A Case Study," Journal of Teaching in International Business 20:3 (2009): 192-207.
  • Anderson, Philip H., Leigh Lawton, Richard Rexeisen and Ann Hubbard, "Study Abroad and Intercultural Development: A Longitudinal Study," Frontiers: the Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad XVII (2008).
  • Rexeisen, R. and T. Roffler, "A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Study Abroad Experiences on Attitudes Towards the Environment," Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability (2006).
  • Anderson, Philip H., Leigh Lawton, Richard Rexeisen and Ann Hubbard, "Short-term Study Abroad and Intercultural Sensitivity: A Pilot Study," International Journal of Intercultural Relations 34:4 (2006): 457-469.
  • Al-Khatib, J. A., M. Rawwas, Z. Swaidan, and R. J. Rexeisen, "The Ethical Challenges of Global Business-to-Business Negotiations: An Empirical Investigation of Developing Countries’ Marketing Managers," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 13:4 (2005).
  • Al-Khatib, J., S. Vitell, R. Rexeisen, and M. Rawwas, "Consumer Ethics in Developing Countries within the Middle East: An Empirical Investigation of Regional Similarities and Differences," Journal of International Business (2005).
  • Rexeisen, R. and R. Sathe, "Prudent Fiscal Stewardship: How to Estimate the Expected Monetary Value of an Educational Program," International Education Journal (2005): 297-307.
  • "Building a Collaborative Model of Lifelong Learning," Journal of Lifelong Learning 3:2 (2003).
  • Rexeisen, R. and R. Sauter, "Developing an Effective Measure of Customer Profitability," World Marketing Congress, edited by Ajay & Samsinar 8 (1997): 549-555.
  • "The Listening Protocol: A Model for Effective Sales Communication." In National Conference in Sales Management Proceedings, edited by R. Good. Reprinted in Readings in Sales and Sales Management. 1991.

Current Editorial Board Appointments

  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice

Current Community Relationships

  • Member, Association for Consumer Research
  • Member, Academy of Marketing Sciences
  • Member, American Marketing Association