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John McVea

Associate Professor : Entrepreneurship Department

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John McVea researches and teaches in the areas of entrepreneurial strategy and social entrepreneurship. His work had been published in journals such as The Journal of Business Venturing and The Journal of Business Ethics.

He has written more than a dozen business case studies focusing on issues such as market entry strategy, innovation field studies, cash flow forecasting, the challenges of growth and the use of social media. His teaching philosophy brings together three approaches: student centered learning through case discussion, writing across the curriculum and place-based education. These approaches result in highly interactive discussion based classroom experiences.

Originally from the North of Ireland, he has undergraduate degrees in both engineering and economics from the University of Birmingham, England, an M.B.A. from the Darden School and a Ph.D. from The University of Virginia.

Before returning to academia, McVea spend a dozen years working in industry for Dupont, initially in product/market development in the U.S. and ultimately asmanager of textile filament manufacturing operation in the U.K. After earning his M.B.A., he worked for Bain & Co. in Boston as a strategy consultant advising in fields ranging from paper manufacture to oil drilling to private equity acquisition assessment.


Academic Background

B.Sc., engineering, University of Birmingham (England)
B.Com., University of Birmingham (England)
M.B.A., University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Research Specialties

  • Entrepreneurial decision-making
  • Entrepreneurial strategy
  • Ethical deliberation and decision-making
  • Scientifically pioneering business

Current Research

  • Decision-making approaches
  • Science, entrepreneurship and ethics
  • Stakeholder management

See John McVea talk about his research in a short video, part of the Ahead of the Curve series

Major Works

  • Ethics and Pragmatism: John Dewey’s Deliberative Approach. Foundations of Business Ethics. Pearson Publishing, 2013.
  • McVea, J. F. and R. E.  Freeman, "A Names-and-Faces Approach to Stakeholder Management: How Focusing on Stakeholders as Individuals Can Bring Ethics and Entrepreneurial Strategy Together." London: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010.
  • A Field Study of Moral Imagination in Entrepreneurial Situations, Journal Of Business Venturing 24:5 (2009): 491-504.
  • Freeman, R. E., L. C. Dunham, J. F.  McVea.,  "Strategy, Wisdom & Stakeholder Theory: A Pragmatic and Entrepreneurial View of Stakeholder Strategy." In Handbook of Organizational Wisdom, edited by E. H. Kessler and J. R. Bailey, 151-178. Sage Publications, 2007.
  • "A 'Names and Faces' Approach to Stakeholder Management: How Focusing on Stakeholders as Individuals Can Bring Ethics and Entrepreneurial Strategy Together," Journal of Management Inquiry 14 (March, 2005).
  • McVea, John and Wickes et. al., "Stakeholder Theory: The State of the Art and Future Perspectives," POLITEIA  Anno XX:74 (2004).
  • "Herbert Spencer: Providing Libertarian Foundations?" Business and Society Review (Fall, 2001).
  • "A Stakeholder Approach to Strategic Management." In Handbook of Strategic Management, edited by M. Hitt. Blackwell Publishing, 2001.

Significant Scholarly Honors

  • Faculty Award, Academic Excellence, University of Virginia, 1996
  • William Michael Shermet Award for Academic Excellence, University of Virginia, 1995