Faculty & Research

Lorman Lundsten

Professor : Marketing Department

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Lorman Lundsten has worked in the family business supplying molded plastics parts to the automotive industry. He also has experience in the financial services industry as a marketing research analyst for a major New York City bank and a financial economist for the Comptroller of the Currency. He is a longstanding member of the faculty at St. Thomas, teaching marketing and serving as chair of the department for 12 years.

His teaching philosophy stems from his belief that theory and research should be directed toward improving business practice, making businesses and individuals perform better. He has written several teaching cases on retailing and an analysis of entrepreneurship in Russia and the US Midwest, looking at ways to improve business practice. With Dr. David Brennan, he has conducted the annual Holiday Spending Survey of Twin Cities shoppers to help local retailers prepare for a successful holiday shopping season.


Academic Background

B.S., mathematics, Northland College
M.B.A., Fordham University
Ph.D., marketing, University of Michigan

Research Specialties

  • Branding
  • Marketing ethics
  • Marketing of services
  • Product positioning

Current Research

  • "Big Box" retailers
  • Retail shopping patterns

Major Works

  • Anselmo, Mathew S., David P. Brennan, and Lorman L. Lundsten, "PetSmart Searches for a Sustainable Strategy," Journal of the Academy of Business Education 14 (Spring, 2013): 117-132.
  • Lundsten, L., M. Daugherty, J. Shovein, M. Sullivan, H. Beckmann and D. Vang, "Why Don’t We Just Ask Them--Do Finance Practitioners Read Academic Research?" Humanomics, forthcoming.
  • Brennan, David P. and Lorman L. Lundsten, "Walmart vs. Festival Foods--David and Goliath?," Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education 15:1 (2012): 43-54.
  • Brennan, David. P. and L. L. Lundsten, "PetSmart:  A Retail Repositioning," Journal of the Academy of Business Education (revise and resubmit).
  • Brennan, David. P. and L. L. Lundsten, "Walmart vs. Festival Foods: A Proposed Walmart Supercenter Forces a Store Manager to Assess His Alternatives," Journal of Real Estate Practice & Education 15:1 (2012): 43-54.
  • Jithendranathan, T., N. A. Kravchenko, S. A. Kuznetsova, A. Yusupova, L. L. Lundsten and A. Shemyakin, "A Comparative Study of Regional Innovative Entrepreneurship in Russia and the United States," Journal of Small Business Management (forthcoming).
  • Jaiswal-Dale, Ameeta and L. L. Lundsten, "Assessment of Classroom Learning: The Alphabet Soup of the Financial Markets CDO, CDS, SIV, SPE, Ratings and Others," Journal of the Academy of Business Education 11 (2010): 126-135.
  • Lundsten, Lorman L. and D. Brennan, "An Assessment of Wal-Mart's Global Expansion Strategy in Light of its Domestic Strategy," European Retail Research 23 (2009): 125-151.
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  • Power, S. J. and L. L. Lundsten, "Managerial and Other White Collar Employees' Perception of Ethical Issues in Their Workplace," Journal Of Business Ethics 60:2 (2005): 185-193.
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  • Lundsten, Lorman L., D. Brennan, J. Militello and V. Meyer, "Improving and Maintaining Sustainable, Healthy Communities," Blandin Foundation, 1997.
  • Lundsten, Lorman. L., A. Apel, and J. Militello, "Compliance Efforts in Small, Medium and Large Organizations," United States Department of Justice, 1996.

Significant Scholarly Honors

  • General Electric fellowship in marketing economics, 1973-1974