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Sameer Kumar

Professor, CenturyLink Endowed Chair in Global Communications and Technology Management : Operations and Supply Chain Management Department

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As CenturyLink Endowed Chair in Global Communi-cations and Technology Management at the Opus College of Business, Dr. Sameer Kumar’s energy is focused on providing research leadership and a strong commitment to teaching and service. At the University of St. Thomas, he is the recipient of the “John Ireland Presidential Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Teacher/Scholar 2013”. He is an affiliate faculty and graduate faculty member in the Institute for Health Informatics at the University of Minnesota. He has published over 200 archival journal articles and seven books in health care systems applications, supply chain systems modeling, systems engineering, system dynamics, humanitarian logistics, environmental-friendly supply chains, risk management, knowledge management, outsourcing, production and service cost economics, and decision support systems.
Dr. Kumar has received research grants from NSF, the state of Wisconsin, and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He received the 2000 Star of Excellence Quality Award from Medtronic Corporation for a successful design of an assembly line using PROMODEL Simulation Software. He is the recipient of OMEGA Journal Best Reviewer Award for 2013. He has also received the 2010 Goodeve Medal for the best paper published in the Journal of the Operational Research Society in 2009. Dr. Kumar is active on 10 academic journal editorial boards, associate editor of Decision Sciences journal, regional editor for Americas of Supply Chain Management journal and advisor of a book series “Supply Chain Management, Operations and Systems Engineering” for the publishing firm Taylor and Francis.


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Academic Background

B.S., mathematics, physics and chemistry, University of Delhi (India)
M.S., mathematics, University of Delhi (India)
M.S., computer science, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
M.S., industrial engineering & operations research, University of Minnesota
Ph.D., industrial engineering, University of Minnesota

Teaching Statement

Research Specialties

  • Supply chain management
  • Quality management
  • New product development
  • Production and service cost economics
  • Global operations technology management
  • Systems engineering and systems optimization
  • Risk management

Research Statement

Current Research

  • Supply chain modeling and applications
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Product design and development
  • Health sector operations and economics
  • Sustainability 
  • Decision modeling and applications
  • System dynamics
  • Outsourcing
  • Revenue management
  • Humanitarian logistics

Full list of publications

Significant Work

V. Jain, G.B. Panchal and Kumar, Sameer, “Universal supplier selection via multi-dimensional auction mechanisms for two-way competition in oligopoly market of supply chain,” Omega – International Journal of Management Science, in press.

Kumar, A., V. Jain, and Sameer Kumar, "A Comprehensive Environment Friendly Approach For Supplier Selection," Omega – International Journal of Management Science 42:1 (2014): 109-123.

Katsaliaki, K., N. Mustafee, and Sameer Kumar, “A game-based approach towards facilitating decision making for perishable products: An example of blood supply chain,” Expert Systems with Applications 41:9 (2014): 4043–4059.

Kumar, Sameer and T. Havey, "Before and After Disaster Strikes: A Relief Supply Chain Decision Support Framework," International Journal of Production Economics 145:2 (2013): 613-629.

Kumar, Sameer, Steve Teichman, and Tobias Timpernagel, "A Green Supply Chain is a Requirement for Profitability," International Journal of Production Research 50:5 (2012): 1278-1296.

Kumar, Sameer, R. Breuing, and R. Chahal, "Globalization of Health Care Delivery in the U.S. Through Medical Tourism," Journal of Health Communication 17:2 (2012): 177-198.

Kumar, Sameer and A. Nigmatullin, "A System Dynamics Approach To Study the Food Supply Chains – a Case Study," Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory 19:10 (2011): 2151-2168.

Kumar, Sameer and D. Nottestad, "Supply Chain Analysis Methodology – Leveraging Optimization and Simulation Software," OR Insight 28:2 (2013): 87-119.

Southard, Peter B., Chandra Charu and Sameer Kumar, "RFID in Healthcare: A Six Sigma DMAIC and Simulation Case Study," International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance 25:4 (2012): 291-321.

Kumar, Sameer and S. Schmitz, "Managing Recalls in Consumer Products Supply Chain – Root Cause Analysis and Measures to Mitigate Risks," International Journal of Production Research 49:1 (2011): 235-253.  

Kumar, Sameer, Marietsa McCreary and Daniel Nottestad, "Quantifying Supply Chain Trade-offs: Using DMAIC Six Sigma, Simulation, and Designed Experiments to Develop a Flexible Distribution Network," Quality Engineering 23:2 (2011): 180-203.

Kumar, Sameer and Ken Bauer, "The Business Case for Implementing Electronic Health Records in Primary Care Settings in the United States," Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 10:2 (2011): 119-131.

Southard, Peter B., Sameer Kumar and Cheryl A. Southard, "A Modified Delphi Methodology to Conduct an FMEA," Quality Management in Health Care 20:2 (April/June, 2011): 131-151.

Kumar, Sameer and Gregory McKewan, "A Six Sigma DMAIC Quality Study for Expanded Role of Nurse Practitioners in the U.S. for Health Care During and Post Hospitalization," Journal of Home Health Care Management and Practice 23:4 (2011): 271-282.

Kumar, Sameer and M. Sosnoski, "Decision Framework for the Analysis and Selection of Appropriate Transfer Pricing For a Global SME Manufacturing Operation – A Business Case," International Journal of Production Research 49:18 (2011): 5431-5448.

Kumar, Sameer and Anthony M. Kwong, "Six Sigma Tools in Integrating Internal Operations of a Retail Pharmacy – a Case Study," Technology and Health Care Journal 19:2 (2011): 115-133.

"Modeling Hospital Surgical Delivery Process Design Using System Simulation: Optimizing Patient Flow and Bed Capacity as an Iillustration," Technology and Health Care Journal 19 (2011): 1-20.

"Managing Risks in a Relief Supply Chain in the Wake of an Adverse Event," OR Insight 24:2 (2011): 131-157.

Hong, Qui S., Linae N. Haggerty and Sameer Kumar, "A Global Supplier Selection Process for Food Packaging," Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 22:2 (2011): 241-260.

Chandra, Charu, Sameer Kumar and Neha S. Ghildayal, "Hospital Cost Structure in the U.S.A: What’s behind the Costs?" International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 24:2 (2011): 314-328.

Meade, David, Sameer Kumar and Bob White, "Analyzing the impact of  management accounting methods on Lean implementation," Journal of Operational Research Society 61:5 (2010): 858-871. 

Kumar, Sameer and Anvar Nigmatullin, "Exploring the Impact of  Management of Chronic Illnesses through Prevention on the U.S. Healthcare Delivery System – a System Dynamics approach," Information Knowledge Systems Management 9:3-4 (2010): 1-26.

Kumar, Sameer, Patrick Zampogna, and Jennifer Nansen, "A Closed Loop Outsourcing Decision Model For Developing Effective Manufacturing Strategy," International Journal of
Production Research 48:7 (2010): 1873-1900.

Kumar, Sameer, Arun Deivasigamani, and Wesley Omer "Knowledge  For Sale - The Benefits and Effects of Off-shoring Knowledge Based Jobs in Engineering, Design and R&D, Knowledge Management Research &  Practice 8:4 (2010): 351-368.

Kumar, Sameer and Kenneth F. Bauer, "Exploring the Use of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma in Public Housing Authorities, Quality Management Journal 17:1 (2010): 29-46.

Meade, David, Sameer Kumar, and Kevin Kensinger, "An Analysis of the Impact of the Pareto Distribution on Product Cost Calculations," Journal of Manufacturing Systems 27:4 (2009): 176-189.

Kumar, Sameer and James Wellbrock, "Improved New Product Development through Enhanced Design Architecture for Engineer-to-Order Companies," International Journal of Production Research 47:15 (2009): 4235-4254.

Kumar, Sameer and Danial A. Nottestad, "Flexible Capacity Design for the Focus Factory," International Journal of Production Research 47:5 (2009): 1269-1286.    

Kumar, Sameer, Daniel A. Nottestad, and Erin E. Murphy, "Effects of Product Postponement on the Distribution Network: a Case Study," Journal of Operational Research Society 60:4 (2009): 471-480. (The OR Society 2010 Goodeve Medal winning paper for best 2009 paper published in Journal of the Operational Research Society and OR Insight journal).

Kumar, Sameer and John Wilson, "A Manufacturing Decision Framework for Minimizing Inventory Costs for a Configurable Off-shored Product Using Postponement," International Journal of Production Research 47:1 (2009): 143-162. 

Kumar, Sameer and Valora Putnam, "Cradle to Cradle: Reverse logistics strategies and opportunities across three industry sectors," International Journal of Production Economics 115:2 (2008): 305-315.

Kumar, Sameer and Kristoffer Kopitzke, "A Practitioner’s Decision Model for the Total Cost of Outsourcing and Application to China, Mexico and the USA," Journal of Business Logistics 29:2 (2008): 107-139.

Kumar, Sameer, Thomas Ressler, and Mark Ahrens, "Educating Rational Decision-Makers About Uncertainty Using US Social Security Investment  Economics," Journal of the Operational Research Society 58:10 (2007): 1294-1305.

Kumar, Sameer and W. Krob, "Phase Reviews Versus Fast Product Development: A Business Case," Journal of Engineering Design 18:3 (2007): 279-291.

Kumar, Sameer, Daniel A. Nottestad, and John F. Macklin, "A Profit and Loss Analysis for Make to Order Versus Make to Stock Policy – A Supply Chain Case Study," The Engineering Economist 52:2 (2007): 141-156.

Kumar, Sameer and Christine Chang, "Reverse Auctions: How Much Total Supply Chain Cost Savings Are There? – A Business Simulation Model," Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 6:3 (2007): 229-240.

Meade, David, Sameer Kumar, and Azim Houshyar, "Multi-Period Model of a  Simulated Factory with Lean Manufacturing," Journal of Manufacturing Systems 25:2 (2006): 137-152.

Kumar, Sameer and Daniel Nottestad, "Capacity Design – An Application Using Discrete Event Simulation and Designed Experiments," IIE Transactions 38:9 (2006): 729-736.

Kumar, Sameer and Daniel Nottestad, "Integrated Simulation Application Design For Short-term Production Scheduling," IIE Transactions 38:9 (2006): 737-748.

Kumar, Sameer and Michael P. Hennessey, "Generalized Multiple Economy Cost of Living Ordinary Annuities from an Interest Theory Perspective," The Engineering Economist 51:1 (2006): 53-71.

Kumar, Sameer and Helen Addie, "The Hexopater: From Birth to Market-Innovative Product Development Challenges," Journal of Engineering Design 17:3 (2006): 271-289.

Kumar, Sameer and Charu Chandra, "Providing Support to Product Design Group For Achieving Variety Control," Journal of Engineering Design 12:4 (2001): 373-387.

Kumar, Sameer, and Charu Chandra, "Economic Viability of Component Management for a New Design – A Case Study," The Engineering Economist 46:3 (2001): 205-219.

Arora, Sant and Sameer Kumar, "Reengineering: Focus Towards Enterprise Integration," INTERFACES 30:5 (2000): 54-71.       

Kumar, Sameer and Sant Arora, "Efficient Workforce Scheduling for a Serial Processing Environment: A Case Study at Minneapolis Star Tribune,"  OMEGA, International Journal of Management Science 27:1 (1999): 115-127.

Kumar, Sameer and Sant Arora, "Model for Risk Classification of Banks, "Managerial and Decision Economics," The International Journal of Research and Progress in Management Economics 16:2 (1995): 155-165.

Kumar, Sameer and Sant Arora, "Improved Manpower Utilization in Live-run Shift of Newspaper Printing Operations," IIE Transactions 26:2 (1994): 62-75. 

Kumar, Sameer and Sant Arora, "Development of Internal Audit and Cycle Counting Procedures for Reducing Inventory Miscounts," International Journal of Operations and Production Management 12:3 (1992): 61-70.

Kumar, Sameer and Sant Arora, "Effects of Inventory Miscounts and Non-inclusion of Lead Time Variability on Inventory System Performance," IIE Transactions 24:2 (1992): 96-103.

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Kumar, Sameer and Sant Arora, "Optimal Ordering Policy for a Multi-item Single Supplier System with Constant Demand Rates," Journal of Operational Research Society 41:4 (1990): 345-349.


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  • Kumar, Sameer and D. Meade, Financial Models and Tools for Managing Lean Manufacturing. Taylor & Francis, 2006.
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Current Community Relationships

  • Registered professional engineer, State of Minnesota
  • Certified manufacturing technologist, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Certified manufacturing engineer, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Certified plant engineer, Association of Facilities Engineers
  • Member, APICS-The Educational Society of Resource Management
  • Member, INFORMS
  • Member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Member, Production and Operations Management Society
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