Faculty & Research

Patricia Hedberg

Associate Professor, Department Chair : Management Department

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Patricia Hedberg teaches in the UST MBA programs and the undergraduate leadership/management concentration. Her teaching interests include leadership, management and organizational behavior with an emphasis on self-development, team dynamics, power and influence, and networking and relationships. She is an active presenter in many professional development programs on the topics of change management, organizational behavior and organizational ethics.

Hedberg’s consulting and research activities include leading with integrity, managerial reflection, reflective learning and group development. She has published on ways in which family business leaders can use ethics and values to create a sustainable business culture. Her most recent work with family business involved exploring the power dynamics of co-preneurial couples. She also has examined managerial reflection, focusing on how to create reflection in the management classroom as well as exploring how managers create space to process and gain perspective in the midst of complicated action.

Hedberg is the inaugural 3M Professor in Residence, consulting with 3M on their leadership development programs.


Academic Background

B.A., psychology and sociology, Ohio Northern University
Ph.D., industrial/organizational psychology, University of Minnesota

Research Specialties

  • Personal and professional development
  • Leadership
  • Business ethics
  • Family business

Current Research

  • Leadership and decision-making
  • Family business and co-leadership
  • Managerial mindsets
  • Reflective learning in business education

Major Works

  • Hedberg, P. R., and S. M. Danes, "Explorations of dynamic power processes within copreneurial couples," Journal of Family Business Strategy 3:4 (2012): 228-238.
  • "Learning through reflective classroom practice: Applications to educate the reflective manager," Journal of Management Education 33:1 (2009): 10-36.
  • Sorenson, Ritch L., Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Patricia R. Hedberg and Andy Yu, "The family point of view, family social capital, and firm performance: An exploratory test," Family Business Review 22:3 (2009): 239-253.
  • "Get a Life Lose a Job? Work and Family in the Age of Downsizing," Business Ethics (September/October, 1996).


  • Association for Psychological Science
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
  • Academy of Management